Sassy Sandi - Chicago Knockers

--narration by Tony Pomykala
This clip opens up with Tazmanian Devil (Sabra) trying to pet a horse. We were given the opportunity to spend a day at the ranch of some friends in Scottsbluff, Nebraska during a performance stop there. These guys were awesome, letting the girls and crew ride, and we all enjoyed a picnic at a local park later.
Sabra finally gets her chance to pet the horse in this clip, as he finally submits to her charms.
Cut to Baby Bomber (Christy) who just got rattled by a horse (pardon the expletive), then mozy on over to a ranch hand and his horse.
Sassy Sandi rides in and we follow her around the corral with a few other Knockers until we see one of the guys who hosted us at his ranch ride in (wearing the cowboy hat). Tommy instructs Sandi on "pulling back on the reigns" and then Windy City Woman (Debbie) as she rides into view. Debbie rides off, and then the girls realize they need to all ride the same direction if this is going to work.
Taz suggests some "Thigh Grip" to keep the riders steady.
Then Sandi and Debbie make their way around the corral again.
Cut now to road crew member Carl wearing his trademark hat (brother of wrestler Connie - Taste of Honey) helping to select a passive horse to ride for one of the more timid girls. Finally, we see China Doll (Shin) pleading her horse with verbal instructions, and the horse responds with his opinion!!

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Scottsbluff Ranch - Scottsbluff, Nebraska - March 1982
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