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Chicago Knockers scrapbook

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Video Newspapers/Magazines Posters
Sassy Sandi Chicago Knockers womens mudwrestling alumni
Maidens in mud wrestling - Sweet Seducer (Sue); Windy City Woman (Debbie); Sassy Sandi (Sandi); Tazmanian Devil (Sabra)
Sweet Seducer (Sue); Windy City Woman (Debbie);
Sassy Sandi (Sandi);
Tazmanian Devil (Sabra)

Chicago Knockers
historical roster

Awesome Annie
Baby Bomber

Blazing Angel
Blonde Bombshell
Bodacious Beauty
Brown Sugar
California Kid
China Doll
Delta Dawn
Devious Dawn
Dreamboat Annie

Ebony Eyes
Fiesty Fifi

Fiesty Fiona
Golden Fox
Golden Fox
Golden Girl
Hurricane Blondie
Italian Stallion
Iron Maiden

Kamikazi Kid
Killer Elite

Killer Elite

Lady Luck

Leather and Lace
Leather and Lace
Leather and Lace
Little Miss Vixen
Luscious Lisa
Madame X
Mama Knockers
MC Tom Sailor
Midnight Angel
Midnight Angel

Misty Blue
Misty Blue
Nasty Nancy

New Jersey Rose

--Mary Beth
Peaches 'n Cream
Pink Champagne
Raging Apache

Rockin' Robin
Sassy Sandi
Satin Doll

Snake Lady
Sterling Silver
Strawberry Shortcake
Super Bitch

Sweet Seducer
Taste Of Honey
Taste Of Honey
Tiny Terror
Tiny Terror

Tiny Terror
Tiny Terror
Tazmanian Devil
Touch of Class
Warrior, The
Wylde Fire

Wild Thing

Windy City Woman


My memory has faded on some girls/names so help me out:

What were the stage names of:

Karen (DC Tour)
Nancy Lynn:
Roslyn: Indian name?

In the early 1980's I was a member of the popular women's mud wrestling team called the Chicago Knockers. My stage name was Sassy Sandi. We were a travelling female entertainment group that played shows all over the United States, Canada, England, and Puerto Rico. Our troupe usually consisted of 8 girls on each tour, and we always had a tag team celebrity match with a local star or famous personality. We even wrestled movie stars, sports heroes, politicians, boxing title holders, radio DJs, and television anchormen. TV people were great at making news! Not only did we play local bars, but also county fairs, state fairs, festivals, a few clubs, and other sites and places. We were a family show, first and foremost, and one of the true original pioneers to the genre of womens mudwrestling.
Started by Lynn Brown (Mama Knockers) and Master of Ceremonies Tom Sailor to play local Chicago nightclubs, the team quickly grew into a worldwide phenomenon, with the astute help and guidance of agent Mick Scully (Capitol International Productions, Inc.), and promoter George Moffett (Variety Attractions).
I also want to give a special recognition to the woman who designed and created many of our fabulous costumes that we wore on stage, Darlene G. She was our Office Manager, and a big inspiration as well!

Attention Knocker Alumni: Join us on Facebook! The Chicago Knocker Alumni group. We had our first reunion (in 25 years!) in Georgia. We will have many more!!

The Chicago Knockers circa 1980

The second Chicago Knockers Team Photo 1980

from left to right:
Golden Fox (Marilyn); Peaches 'n Cream (Nancy); Snake Lady (Yvonne); (Carol); Killer Elite (Donna); Sterling Silver (Sonia); Delta Dawn (Dawn); Hurricane Blondie (Dana); Sassy Sandi (Sandi); Blonde Bombshell (Cathy); Taste of Honey (Connie); Fiesty Fifi (Felicia); Super Bitch (Debbie); Misty Blue (Melinda); China Doll (Shin); Baby Bomber (Christie)

"Show me your Knockers!"

(Send me your Chicago Knockers photos!!

If any of you out there have any great photos to share of the Chicago Knockers please send them to and if appropriate I'll post them here on this scrapbook page and give you photo credit.
Even better: If you have 6 or more pictures of a particular wrestler (at least 2 in wrestling action), I'll create her own page for her here.


"Chicago Knockers: Mud Wrestlers" by Frank Fortunato

  • "Oui" Magazine - December 1981
  • China Doll: The Ming of Munge
  • Mama Knockers: Mudville's #1 Ringmistress
  • Golden Fox: Grime-Gripplings First Superstar
  • Peaches 'n Cream: Lifting, Lunging Lolita of Loam
  • Sassy Sandi: Strong, Sultry, and Saftig
  • Oui Magazine appearance of the Chicago Knockers - Click to purchase this issue

    The Chicago Knockers show has been reincarnated new for the next generation! The American Knockers are retaking the stage front and center.

    If you are interested in booking The Chicago Knockers/American Knockers for the upcoming tour or beyond, please contact Mick Scully at Capitol International Productions, Inc. by phone at 800-770-0030 (Chicago Office). PLEASE tell him Sandi of referred you! (wink!)

    For more information on the all new Chicago Knockers,
    visit the Official websites: and

    Chicago Knockers womens mudwrestling Team Photo number three

    The third Chicago Knockers Team Photo 1983

    from left to right (Top):
    Rockin' Robin (Robin); Raging Apache (Monica); Luscious Lisa (Lisa); Super Bitch (Debbie); Madame X (Beth); Firefox (Lynn); Baby Bomber (Christy); Sweet Seducer (Sue); Ebony Eyes (Berta); Taste of Honey (Patty); Tiny Terror (Anita); Sassy Sandi (Sandi); Midnight Angel (Debbie); Mamma Knockers (Lynn); Nighthawk (Mary Beth)

    Chicago Knockers womens mudwrestling team 4

    The fourth Chicago Knockers Team Photo

    This team photo was sent in courtesy of
    Chuck Caponi, D&D Sales, Mason City IA.

    Leather 'n Lace -Julie
    Leather 'n Lace - Julie
    (contributed by Sabra)
    Luscious Lisa
    Luscious Lisa
    (contributed by Sabra)

    Baby Bomber (Christy) in costume
    Baby Bomber (Christy)
    (contributed by Beth)

    Sassy Sandi on stage
    Sassy Sandi
    (contibuted by Beth)
    Tom Sailor MC for the Chicago Knockers
    MC Tom Sailor (Tommy)

    (contributed by Beth)
      Mamma Knockers (Lynn)
    Mamma Knockers (Lynn)
    (contributed by Beth)
    On Tour - The Chicago Knockers Bus
    The Chicago Knockers Bus
    (contributed by Beth)
    Chicago Knockers on a parade float
    The Knockers on a parade float
    (contributed by Beth)
    Chicago Knockers IN ACTION
    IN ACTION! at a Fair Show
    (contributed by Beth)
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    Video Newspapers/Magazines Posters

    Knocker Nights circa 1981

    Upper Left:
    Sweet Seducer
    (Sue); Tazmanian Devil (Sabra); Windy City Woman (Debbie)
    Upper Right:

    Windy City Woman
    Lower Left:
    Windy City Woman
    (Debbie);Peaches `n Cream (Nancy); Midnight Angel (Debbie)
    Lower Right:
    Sweet Seducer
    (Sue); Windy City Woman (Debbie)
    Road Crew "
    Mudman" (Tony); Windy City Woman (Debbie); unknown; unknown

    All above photos circa 1982, taken around Toronto, Canada, provided by Tony Pomykala

    The Original Chicago Knockers
    Team Photo 1979

    The Original Chicago Knockers womens mudwrestling team photo

    from left to right:
    Golden Fox (Marilyn), Snake Lady (Yvonne), Little Miss Vixen (Carol), Sassy Sandi (Sandi), Golden Girl (Nancy), China Doll (Shin), Nasty Nancy (Nancy), ?? (Mary), Bodacious Beauty (Virginia)


    High Times Magazine catches the Knockers at Madison Square Garden in New York City (1981)
    Chicago Knockers in High Times Magazine

    In October 1981, the Chicago Knockers made an appearance in High Times Magazine.

    Misty Blue claps in the middle photo, and Super Bitch wrestles Ratso.

    In the Knocker's limo, Sterling Silver watches Ratso pulling on Super Bitch's arm as he is being pulled by road crew Mark Peña and Tony Pomykala. Looking on is Hurricane Blondie and Sassy Sandi.


    Madame X -Beth in costume
    Madame X (Beth)
    Tazmanian Devil  in full show costume (Sabra)
    Tazmanian Devil (Sabra)

    "Mud Wrestling Match Turns to Brawl on Bet"
    (AP) Published June 12, 1982 NYTimes

    A women's mud wrestling match turned into a brawl involving 500 patrons after a spectator tossed the emcee into the ring on a $50 bet, the authorities said today. (click title for whole story)

    The story above happened in Gillette, WY at the Boothill Club and made national newspapers, much to our surprise, including the New York Times (above). The emcee mentioned was in fact our Tom Sailor.


    site by Tony Pomykala (Sandi's brother and former Road Crew member).
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